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2007-11-20, 15:29

Here is the odd behavior that my SB3 displays:

While the SB is running but not streaming music, and the date/time screensaver is displayed, the display switches to the volume control for a couple seconds and then the display switches back to date/time.
This occurs at seemingly random intervals. It may happen 2 minutes apart, or a couple hours apart. The SB is sitting on a shelf just below my TV, so while watching TV I often catch this happen out of the corner of my eye, so to speak.
Last night I noticed it happen three times at about 1/2 hour intervals. I have seen it happen 3 or 4 times within a half hour.

This does not appear to happen while music is playing through it.

SlimServer Version: 6.5.5 - 14576 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Player Firmware Version: 81

This has been occuring for at least a couple months, and with previous nightly revisions of SS.

Any ideas?



2007-11-20, 15:49
Is this a JVC TV?

2007-11-20, 16:02
Is this a JVC TV?

No it isn't.

Do you have a serious reason for asking, or it that a joke that I don't get?

2007-11-20, 16:14
In the ancient past, there was no real remote: the SliMP3 was pretty much a garage project and spending money on a custom remote would have been silly.

So Sean and Co cheated: they had the original devices use JVC DVD remote codes and included a universal remote for the remote.

These codes are still (by default) accepted and acted upon (you can disable it per-player, though).

If you have a JVC TV (as I do), this is a good plan: or changing volume on the TV will also change volume on the SB.

You may want to, for good measure, turn off the jvc_dvd IR map for that player. It is under player settings. (Since you don't know about the jvc codes, I doubt you're using a universal remote to use the SB, so it shouldn't be a big loss to you.)

It really sounds like you are getting some stray IR from somewhere. And since it seems to show up while watching TV, I would suspect some overlap in the TV remote codes. Perhaps your TV uses something similar to JVC codes.

(there -really- should be a standard for IR codes... like some International Infrared Consortium that hands out vendor codes and some fixed standards for the other bits like 'the next three bits determine the device type' or something. But there isn't.. vendors just make stuff up and hope it all works. Ironicially this breaks things if you have more than one product from a vendor.. I had a JVC TV, and if I actually had a JVC DVD player, god only knows which would respond to the volume control, since my official JVC remote -did- change the volume on the SB...)

2007-11-20, 17:05
Actually, I am using a universal remote most of the time to control the SB. None of the components controlled by this remote are JVC.

I can tell you that this behavior occurs when no buttons are being pushed. I see this happen when I am the only person in the house, and all I'm doing is sitting still in a chair watching the tube. I can't think of any extranious signals that might be causing this. (Even if there are some signals that I have overlooked, why would they cause this effect only during Date/Time mode?)

Perhaps I should also note (in case it has any bearing on things)that I recently moved the SB from a different shelving unit about 10 feet from where it is now. The behavior occurred there also.

Any other thoughts?

2007-11-20, 23:11
First thought, slightly long shot - is your slimserver externally visible on the internet?

Second thought, slightly more likely - plugins? Try disabling all plugins and see if the behaviour changes. If it does change, turn d_plugins on in debugging settings and see what shows up in the log.