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2004-01-25, 15:54
This entire argument seems to revolve around the fact that you've convinced
YOURSELF that the squeeze is too expensive for what you are getting... and
in a convoluted way you've tried to reinforce that argument in all sorts of
specious ways, such as now telling us that technophobes won't accept the

The squeeze IS a niche product, there's nothing else like it out there right
now. Competing products do not have a generic structure that easily takes
plug-ins and can run on any operating system that supports Perl. Many
competing products offer no way to control the device via simple IR remote,
many devices require a TV for control, many devices don't offer
synchronization with other units for distribution through a home.

If you can't afford or can't justify the cost of the squeeze then there is a
simple solution, don't buy one. Even if the cost to physically manufacture
the squeezebox is only $100-$120 in lots of 1000, the product is still not
making much money because of the relatively low volumes being sold, and as
you've already pointed out, almost any product like this will scare off the
technically illiterate, regardless of how easy it actually is to use.

The fact that you previously pointed out that you could get the same basic
functionality as the squeezebox from a Dell Axim and powered speakers shows
how unaware of it's capabilities you really are (the axim won't give you IR
remote control, digital outputs, system integration, the list goes on and

Seriously, do us all a favor and let this thread die, do you really think we
all want to read over and over again about how you think this thing is
overpriced? You can get a basic slimp3 unit for $239 which is in the same
ballpark as virtually any other network mp3 player and if $239 is going to
break you then you probably shouldn't be looking at techie toys like this

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Hi, I was the original author of this and knew that I would get comments...

Ready for the second round?

Since I own a Slimp3 I've been trying to convert friends to slimdevices. In
the beginning I thought this would be easy, they will understand the
So far, only the techies understand the big advantage and have a (spare) PC
which can run all day as a server and know how to rip their CD collection.
All the advantages of Slimdevices and the community are not known or not
understood by the non-techies.
Does this means the audience for Slimdevices is still only early adopters?

Some scenario's, then the big question:

- If these devices are for early adopters only, it is fine(?) for
If they can live from it now, they can tomorrow.

- If these devices are getting more common and the bigger companies sell
in the consumer stores at very low prices it will be a big challenge for
Slimdevices to stay alive(?). The advantages of a Slimdevice product are not
known to the consumers is my point.

What can we do about it? Me as a promoter, others as a developer,
as a company.
I have serious concerns about the future for a niche product such as the
squeezebox with the upcoming competition.

-kdf said:
"Or you support a company that gives service, and a product that is
manufactured in lots of 1000. This alone costs more."
Why not promote the better service on the Slimdevices homepage. Why not
promote that if you have a valid feature request it might be implemented.
Explain why a squeeze box is more expensive.

For me it is hard to convince non-technical people that this is the device
go for if you like music in the house. Still don't know where the problem
the fact that you need several components to get a working environment or
difficulty of ripping a whole audio collection to a hard disk (yes, that is
difficult if you don't know anything about it). What can we do about it?

All-in one device? i.e.Squeezebox with HD with embedded Linux and Firewire /
USB connection to a PC or just make the HD of the Squeeze box an external
which you can take to the PC to load extra files. Still you have to do the
'difficult' ripping of the CD's. Maybe adding an one-stop ripping package
which works fine with the Slimserver db could help non-technical users here.

Ok, You'll miss the browser interface but I doubt if non-techies know that
can use it (I made the crazy step to use my Bluetooth Palm to manage the
Slimp3 with a Bluetooth AP, and yes my next PDA will have wifi!).

To finish, my personal wishlist for the next device:
- Add Photo/video, Photo even more important, my digital photo collection is
already on the server and is accessed through a database but I must fire up
the laptop to view the photo's. That should be as quick as listening to