View Full Version : Is there future for squeezebox/slimp3 with the currentretail prices? - round 2

Colin Burn-Murdoch
2004-01-25, 14:27
> As for the current product, I think it's nearly perfect in terms of
> conception. (If only the screen were a little bigger.) Ideally you've
> got a computer with your music on it, you do a two-click server
> install, plug in the hardware, and it just works. That's a pretty
> consumer-friendly experience, assuming you're a consumer savvy enough
> to understand the concept and have your collection on a computer.
> Only some consumers are that savvy.... which is why Slim Devices is
> not Apex. :-)

Well I was about to write a response... but you just did that fine.

As far as consumers go, I don't think you just have techies, & non-techies. You also have idiots. I think any non-techie that can use a computer (ie techie enough to have one in their house) would have no problems setting up a slimserver/squeezebox setup... It really is install, switch on, and go. Those people that i've labelled idiots, ok call them technophobes, won't have any interest in the players anyway... they'll be much happier with their CD player.

As far as ripping CD's, if anything is needed, a step by step guide to a select cd ripper would do fine, again, except for all but the idiots.