View Full Version : Disapearing tracks from SlimServer

2007-11-18, 14:40
I am currently using SlimServer Version: 6.3.1 - 8468.

I store all my music on a hard drive in a USB enclosure. If I forget to switch on the power to the USB drive, when I turn on my computer, if I try to play some tracks on my SB1 {with usb brive switched off], the tracks I select disappear. Even when I switch the USB drive back on again, those tracks I selected are still missing from SlimServer. They are obviously still on the hard drive. The only solution for me is to run a Full Scan.

Just wondering if there is an easier/quicker solution to get SlimServer to recognize the tracks again, without having to do a Full Scan.

2007-11-18, 15:27
Navigate to the files using "Browse Music Folder".
Slimserver should add the missing files to the database again.

BTW, slimserver removes entries from the database when it finds stale links to non-existing files. After the songs are removed from the database they are treated just like new files.
You need to add new files by doing a rescan or by browsing the directory.