View Full Version : SB3 stops working

2007-11-18, 07:27
I have a SB3 with the latest version of Slimserver. I have had it for past 1.5 years and faced no issues till a few days back.

My SB3 stopped playing suddenly one day. My first thought was that the power supply is gone. However. the power supply is OK. I tried re-plugging it and trying to switch on again but nothing worked.

Then one day it started working again but only for a few minutes. It stops after playing for some time. When I take out the power connector and plug it in again, the SB3 starts working again but only for a few minutes. The duration for which it plays keeps changing, sometimes it plays for 1 song, sometimes for 2.

I have tried using a different power supply but no success.

I had bought it in the US but now I am in India. Not sure whether there is any official support available here.

Please help!