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2007-11-18, 02:59
Good morning slimdevices!

I'vce a question: on a debian etch (slimserver 6.5.4), when I try to activate musepack in server settings -> file types, I get this error:

Required binary was not found: [mppdec] --raw-be --silent --prev --gain 2 $FILE$ -

Does anyone know how I could solve this?

Many thanks!

2007-11-18, 16:15
On 18-Nov-07, at 1:59 AM, Gurney wrote:

> Does anyone know how I could solve this?

mppdec is not included for all systems. You may need to install it
on your system.
There is a copy included for i386-linux architecture (in Bin/i386-
linux), so if that's you
I'm not sure why it isn't found (the deb installer for SS puts files
all over the place, so
hard to suggest where to look). if you are not on i386, then search
google for mppdec for debian.

Mark Miksis
2007-11-18, 16:28
Turning on --d_paths debugging should provide some clues.

2007-11-20, 11:45

It made the trick. Downloaded the static mppdec from http://www.musepack.net/index.php?pg=lin, extracted it and copied it to /usr/bin and chmod to root/root 755