View Full Version : Confused ont he Squeeze Center Setting for Clock Source

2007-11-17, 17:48
Ok I get the following list of clock source for Transporter

Under "SETUP_CLOCKSOURCEDESC" (Transporter Audio)I have:

Internal Clock;
Word Clock Input;
Balanced AES;
BNC Coax;
RCA Coax;
Optical Toslink;

so which one should I pick if I am using Transporter as dac with CDP output Coaxial? (Is this something new for SqueezeCenter?)

I am using SqueezeCenter 7.0 14627

2007-11-18, 01:25
It doesn't matter (leave it on internal).

This setting is only for use when Transporter is sending data _to_ an external DAC. In that case, this setting would allow you to optionally operate Transporter as a "slave" (if the DAC supports it).