View Full Version : Power on SB3 and my DAB radio stops working

2007-11-17, 14:02
I have a new hi-fi system for the bedroom with an aux input that I intend to connect to my SB3. However, when I plug the power lead into the SB3 the DAB radio stops working. Is the SB's wireless signal conflicting with the DAB signals? If I move the SB3 away the DAB broadcast returns - but it's too far (3-4 metres) to connect to the SB.

Mark Lanctot
2007-11-18, 13:25
Could be the power supply - the SB3 power supply radiates EMI which may interfere with radio and I believe one other UK poster identified the PS as interfering with his DAB radio.

Switch to a linear supply, I believe I've read of one readily-available one in the UK. Search the forums for "power supply" and be prepared to find way, way more than what you're looking for, it's been discussed to death.

2007-11-18, 13:37
A search would have shown other users with similar problems but AFAICT no solution.


2007-11-18, 17:40
Thanks for the help - I'll look into the murky world of power supplies...