View Full Version : sending sb3 sound to 2 sets of speakers?

2007-11-16, 17:10

my neighbour wants to run sound from 1 squeezebox to 2 sets of speakers in 2 adjacent rooms.

does he need to get an amp with 2 speaker outputs or is there any other smart way of 'splitting' the speaker audio out?


2007-11-16, 17:20
you can either split the RCA out with Y adapters, use the RCA and headphone out simultaneously or use a combination of RCA out, headphone out, and digital out (with digital out set to variable).

Edit: in re-reading, you'd need 2 amps or powered speakers with my suggestions, but an amp with 2 sets of speaker outs would also work.

Mark Lanctot
2007-11-18, 12:29
Don't use the headphone out with speakers. Even though Y-adapters aren't perfect, it would be far better to use a Y-adapter.

See here: