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2007-11-16, 09:40
I've been a Slim Devices user for many years now, owning 2 devices (ver 2 & the transporter) and also using versions of Softsqueeze on my computer.

Since upgrading to Leopard OSX 10.5 on my Mac Pro (dual Quad-core), I've noticed:

1) Playback using Softsqueeze 3.3 is very poor "mostly" from the right-channel.
2) The sound is coming through but is very "echo-y" and "digitally noisy".

This effect is HIGHLY noticeable, so much so that I can't listen to it anymore.

1) I listen to FLAC files exclusively.

2) Softsqueeze 3.3 (on a Mac Pro running Leopard OSX 10.5) is connecting to the Slimserver which is running on a local networked machine, (WinXP) on a Gigabit wired network connection.

3) Softsqueeze GUI is functioning properly and is able to browse, search for music and initiate playback.

1) Thought it may be the speaker OR audio connectors OR audio card in the Mac. But all other audio playback from other players on this machine perform properly, without noise. This includes loading the same FLAC file over the same network to a different client (VLC player on the Mac), without difficulties.

2) Tried removing and reinstalling the Softsqueeze client, this resulted in the same audio issue.

3) Tried running the Java-build of Softsqueeze, this resulted in the same audio issue.

4) Tried removing & reinstalling the Slimserver on the WinXP machine with the latest release build, this resulted in the same audio issue.

5) Ensured that on the Firewall for the Mac (under Leopard) that Slimserver had the ability to pass through it OK.

6) I've noticed no network lag or issues between my Mac and the Winxp machine on my network.

In my opinion it seems to be client-based problem with Softsqueeze (3.3) and Leopard, as it worked when I was using Mac OSX 10.4 (Tiger).

After doing some research I've noticed that Leopard OSX 10.5 on the mac seems to have a new Java runtime built in. Could that be the issue?

1) Anyone else have this issue?
2) Anyone have any suggestions /fixes to try?

Thanks for any help you could provide.

2007-11-16, 10:52
Longtime Slimdevices user, several Squeezeboxes home & work, Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ 2TB server, stream stuff all the time, love it.

Everything fine until "upgrading" laptop to OSX Leopard - now audio from right channel out of Softsqueeze app ONLY is buzzy and horrible.

All other audio apps work fine.

This appears to be an issue with the Softsqueeze v3.4 build not getting along with Leopard.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon, as the v3.4 software player is now unusable on OSX Leopard.

2007-11-18, 00:13
Hello... I came across this thread while searching for information about bugs in the java sound api in Leopard. I develop acoustics applications with Java, and after updating to 10.5.1, I have exactly the same symptoms described here - right down to the same tendency that the distortion is happening mostly to the right channel.
I have tested this with a bunch of Java Applets with sound as well as my own application, and it always seems to be replicated.
I only noticed this problem after updating to Mac OS 10.5.1 - is that the same for you guys?
I have only found one solution so far: switching the JRE back to the old 1.4.2 version (You can do this via Applications:Utilities:Java:Java Preferences). However, I have no idea whether Softsqueeze requires 1.5 (to be honest I don't really know much about Softsqueeze or Slim Devices at all).
Glad to know that I'm not going crazy, anyway!

2007-11-18, 16:17
Thanks Lachlustre, still getting used to the Mac and didn't know about that Java utility.

Switching the Java Application Runtime Settings to use J2SE 1.4.2 first seems to have worked with the Softsqueeze version 7.0a2, but not with version 3.4.

For those looking for the version that works under Leopard:
and remember to switch your Java Preferences as per Lachlustre's directions.

2008-03-15, 11:34
...with the version of Softsqueeze included in SqueezeCenter.

I tried with Softsqueeze 7.0a2, but it does not seem to be able to connect to SqueezeCenter (I'm trying to run Softsqueeze on a different Mac from the one with SqueezeCenter).

Everything worked fine before upgrading to Leopard.

Thanks for your help,


2008-03-16, 01:04
Please vote for Bug#: 7530


2008-07-15, 12:26
Is there a solution for this problem available? I'm getting glitches while playing mp3 and ogg files and it sounds kind of noisy.

2008-09-06, 07:22
any solution? I am having this exact same problem with leopard and softsqueeze 3.5 and 3.7 with the latest version of squeezecenter running on ubuntu server.

any ideas?

I tried setting the java back to the older version but still no dice.

2008-09-10, 14:55
Just like my problem: awful buzzing and distortion from right channel.

Mac OSX.

Softsqueeze is such a life-saver at work (where I can't mess with the network), so it would be a shame if all support for it has been dropped.

2008-10-08, 14:55
I just wanted to vote for Bug#: 7530.
But in bugzilla this bug is marked as resolved and fixed.
This problem is still NOT solved for me.
Do I have to submit a new bug to bugzilla?
The sound is very distorted.
I have a
Macbook 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
MacOSX 10.5.5
SqueezeCenter 7.2
SoftSqueeze 3.7

With MacOSX 10.4 everything was ok.

Please, can someone take care about this problem.

2008-10-22, 23:25
I think it must be a bug in Java. I now get scratchy sound in the right speaker, on a Mac Pro, with every version of Softsqueeze I've tried, back to the version that came with 6.5.4. I've tried at least 3.4, 3.6, and 3.7, and 3.4 worked great for me for a LONG time, so this is a recent change. I thought it was the recent Softsqueezes causing the problem, but it isn't.

I think this is a Mac bug, but if you folks can find an easy workaround, that would be wonderful.


2008-12-25, 10:25
Is there still no fix for this? Just upgraded to Softsqueeze v3 and it is now unusable.

Does anyone have a workaround?



2009-01-24, 13:33
I have the same problem on my macmini

Squeezcenter + Softsqueeze 3.7

the sound is not ok
sounds cracking and like in a big hall

all other Macsound inc. itunesplayer is ok

can we use some othe players with squeezecenter?

any ideas


2009-01-25, 12:40
is may be a older version better?

i dont need a nice loking player (on my macmini is no tv) just for remote music

but os it is useless :-(
tried also squeezeplay, sounds ok but hangs after 5-10 minutes

2009-01-26, 06:44
is the bug know by the programmers?

who is the programmer and can they be contacted?


2009-01-31, 03:01
any news

so it is useless on a macmini

2009-01-31, 03:22
is may be a older version better?

i dont need a nice loking player (on my macmini is no tv) just for remote music

but os it is useless :-(
tried also squeezeplay, sounds ok but hangs after 5-10 minutes

File bug regarding SqueezePlay

read guideline http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=30426

file bug http://bugs.slimdevices.com/

SqueezePlay shall replace SoftSqueeze so it's a better approach to get SqueezePlay working.
SqueezePlay is in beta testing and have some bugs with Mac , but i haven't seen "hanging" as a bug before ?

I have no Mac but I remember old treads about this crackling in one channel issue with softsqueeze, search the forum, I think it was down to bugs in some Quicktime versions ?

2009-01-31, 06:39

squeezeplay hangs also
every 10 seconds before the end of the title ?!?

is a version out now where this is fixed?

2009-06-02, 01:06
Just tried v3.8 on my Mini (took me so long to even get it running!), but sadly the audio is terribly distorted.

Did anyone get to the bottom of this?