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2007-11-14, 20:38
Hi guys i finally got the server to work correctly with the ports! so i thank you for that. But now how do i get it to play my music, what is the default port for the stream?

thanks in advanced!

2007-11-14, 21:28
It's not really clear what you are trying to do. Do you have a SqueezeBox or are you trying to use SlimServer/SqueezeCenter to play music on your PC? If you have an SB that will find the server automatically when you start it. If the latter then you should look at using the SB emulator, SoftSqueeze. Look for this under Help if you are running version 6.5 or Extras on version 7.0.


2007-11-15, 06:56
im am trying to listen to my server running slimserver, from a separate PC do i need special software?

thanks again

2007-11-15, 07:10
There are various ways to do it, but SoftSqueeze is probably the easiest and most versatile. It's Java-based, and runs on the client pc. See the slimserver help file for installation and operation instructions.

2007-11-15, 18:18
thanks guys, turns out all i needed was the

working great now

thanks for your help