View Full Version : SlimServer not finding files on NAS

2007-11-13, 09:03
I am running SlimServer on a Dell laptop and pulling music files from a local NAS (Buffalo Linkstation). The Dell plays the music just fine through iTunes, but even after rescanning the library several times, SlimServer keeps telling me my music library contains 0 albums, 0 songs by 0 artists.

I went into "Server Settings" and selected "Use iTunes". No change.

I went into "Server Settings", and under "Music Folder", I entered the network location for the files, but I get this error:

"Oops - 'Z:\MyMusic\iTunes\iTunes Music' doesn't seem to be a valid directory. Try again."

This is the most frustrating since I am entering the exact address that I used when I directed iTunes to pull files from the NAS (under iTunes Preferences > Advanced).

I am done troubleshooting! Any ideas??

Thanks, Andrew

2007-11-13, 09:32