View Full Version : Just got a Squeezebox and cannot use the server

Jeffrey Gordon
2004-01-24, 07:42
The fact that you never unpacked the squeezebox answers why you could not add an item to the playlist. You need atleast one player. Either software or hardware one connected.
also i have a similiar number of flac files and never noticed a speed issue on start up and normally have my files ready within 2 min. I am running it on linux on a 900 mhz athlon with 512mb ram. Wonder if linux speeds things up or is it the ram?

sqz (AT) lemmingstothesea (DOT) com wrote:
> I just received my Squeezebox today and my general excitement has turned to utter frustration at the inability of the server to operate properly on my PC. I installed the SlimServer 5.0.1 server software, configured it to use my e:\flac directory and started it up. For nearly 40 minutes (!), the server consumed 100% of the CPU cycles on my 450 mhz machine. Needless to say, I could do little with the server while the process was running. When it finally completed, I shut down the server and restarted it and to my surprise, it started the library scan over again. Another 40 minutes! Clearly if the server requires this much overhead every time I start it, it isn't going to be practical. I'm guessing that the time is being spent cataloging the 375 CDs I have on disk, but even with that number of files (about 1500) it seems like an excessive amount of time to work.
> In any case, I rummaged through the user interface (very slowly mind you) to see what features the system had and was able to find the link to my music folder. The albums in the directory showed up, but every attempt to add a CD to the playlist using either the plus or arrow buttons did nothing and left me with an empty playlist. At this point I shut down the server and looked for documentation to provide some clues about how to set things up properly and how to use the system. To my utter dismay, I found virtually nothing of use and so decided to post here.
> Admittedly, this is new software for me and I certainly expect some learning curve. However, the Squeezebox has not even been unpacked and my inclination is to simply return it for a refund. This first set of interactions with this software has been very frustrating and took a great deal of time. I'm hoping that someone can steer me in the right direction about how to get this software working acceptably in my situation.
> Thanks,
> Ken
> System: PIII/450 mhz, 750 mb RAM, Windows 2000 Pro