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2007-11-12, 13:34
i just ordered it and am starting at ground zero.
i dont have any music files.
what i do have is the basic stuff:

presario v2000 laptop (1gig ram)
oppo 180
tubed preamp (modwright) and amp (60w cj)and speakers (acousticzen)
turntable(AR) and phonoboxII USB
and some cd's and lp's
thinking about getting a ipod.

i am wondering if the slimserver setup system will tell me what the steps are to get hirez onto my harddrive and then how to have fun programing and getting the best quality playback ?
total novice... paul in florida

Mark Lanctot
2007-11-12, 13:39
Check out:


2007-11-12, 13:52
Hi Paul,

Mark beat me to it.


Read and understand. Any questions, ask here, or use the search function.

You have your music output system, the Transporter will act as a source. You can start with downloading slimserver, and softsqueeze will help you explore before your Transporter arrives.

There is plenty of information (and opinion) on ripping + tagging your CD's (Hint: FLAC - although adding an iPod to the mix introduces more choices and trade-offs)

The Transporter supports HiRez / High Sample Rate (96kHz) / Wide Bit Depth (24 bit) audio files - over and above normal 44.1 KHz 16bit CD audio files, so you rip your LP's and see if you can tell the difference :)

Start slowly, experiment with options, see what works for you, what you prefer, get it right with one or two examples, know whats possible, know what you want, then enjoy it!

2007-11-12, 14:09
mark and grahame... appreciate it.
might there be a better instrument than the ipod in terms of simplicity and transportability of files/tunes ?
grahame - your last paragraph is spot-on.

2007-11-12, 15:22
>might there be a better instrument than the ipod in terms of simplicity and transportability of files/tunes ?<

Older (5G and 4G) ipods can have their s/w reflashed with Rockbox which can play FLAC format file natively.

2007-11-12, 17:14
thanks amcluesent. just googled rockbox. looks interesting. thanks

2007-11-13, 06:55
Bear in mind that using FLAC on an ipod or comparable device will not only take up more space in storage, but will also shorten battery life between recharges. You will have to determine whether the trade-off is worth it to you.

I rip to FLAC, use Robin's flac2mp3, use the FLACs with SlimServer, and load the mp3s on the portable. Given that I use the portable in less than ideal listening conditions, the benefits of the lossy compression outweigh the drawbacks. Best of both worlds.