View Full Version : Aego M's and logitech wireless music system

2007-11-12, 07:58
As from an old thread on how to play music from my computer upstairs / SB in the lounge, in my kitchen, I've now got my aego m's and wireless music system.

The Aego's an absolute steal at 40 on ebay! they are amazing!!!! i'm so impressed, they feel so solid and sturdy, the switch's etc are really good quality, and they sound absolutely unbelievable for their size!!! have them hooked up to my ipod at work right now. when I get home they will get hooked up to the logitech wireless music sytem that turned up a few days ago, i'm quite pleased with that, only been running it so far with a little set of dell speakers, but it streams music fine from my squeezebox about 7M away through a very solid wall, the kind of wall that blunted all my masonry drill bits. The quality seems good from the streamer, but will know more once I hook the aego's up.

I will eventually upgrade to another SB when money allows, as it is annoying not having the control in my kitchen dining room, but considering the streamer only cost my 30 off amazon, i'm pleased for now.

2007-11-12, 08:09
I like a happy ending - so everything turned out alright with the "banned" seller?

2007-11-12, 09:05
They took a while, but it seems so, I phoned them a couple of times, spoke to the sellers fiance, then she finally got back off whatever course she was on and emailed me, I got a bit worried as they shipped by citylink, and they deliver everyday to my work, but it took 3 working days after I'd been told they were shipped for them to arrive, and the seller didn't seem to want to give me a tracking number no matter how many times I asked.

Apparently their ebay account is being reinstated as it was all a case of mistaken identity. tbh I'm not fussed, got the m's in the end for a great price.

i'm amazed at how quality the cable that came with them looks, it's fairly hefty, maybe not the best ever, but so much better than you usually get as standard with anything audio.