View Full Version : Customizing Nokia 770 skin?

2007-11-11, 09:41
Is it possible to change the look of the Nokia N770 skin? I want to remove

Music Folder

then replace with Custom Browser

2007-11-11, 12:25
I'm not sure Custom Browse works with the Nokia770 skin, so make sure you try to use Custom Browse which is found behind the "More" link before you start patching.

It is not possible to do this without patching the code for the Nokia770 skin. The file you will need to patch in the SlimServer installation is:

You will find a number of sections that looks similar to this:

[% BLOCK albums %]
[% INCLUDE link_head %]
<a href="[% webroot %][% additionalLinks.browse.BROWSE_BY_ALBUM %]&player=[% playerURI %]&artwork=0" style="text-decoration:none">
<img src="html/images/smaller/album.gif" width="120" height="101" name="bild6" border="0" alt = 'album'></a>
[% INCLUDE link_foot title = 'ALBUMS' %]
[% END %]

Each of these sections represents an icon, the example above is the "Albums" icon. So you can remove the sections for icons you like to remove and replace one of them with a Custom Browse section. The Custom Browse section needs to contain a <a ...> tag that has the link:

<a href="[% webroot %]plugins/CustomBrowse/custombrowse_list.html?player=[% playerURI %]" style="text-decoration:none">

2007-11-11, 17:47
Is it possible for the "Album" icon to go straight into the "Artists and Albums" menu? So

Album (press)

Although thinking about it because if I use a display for navigation (rather than the SB single line display) I think standard menus will be fine- I don't need custom browse to filter out A to Z subn menus.

2007-11-12, 07:36
FYI Custom Browse doesn't work with the N770 skin


2007-11-12, 09:56
FYI Custom Browse doesn't work with the N770 skin


Is there some specific problem ?
I'm able to use some of the browse menus when I run the Nokia770 skin on the PC. Some pages doesn't look that good, but they seems to work.
Does it not work at all on a Nokia770 device ?

I think there was some issues with the albums menu when showing it as album art, I'm not sure if that exists.