View Full Version : Ubuntu newbie nearly there

2007-11-10, 17:03
Hi all have Just installed Ubuntu 7.10
And so far have managed to get Slime server 6.5.3 installed

I have my music stored on an ntfs disk (Legacy) and this is mounting through etc/fstab

The permissions on the disk are read/write with the owner as root.

Slim server has loaded all of the music into the library but nothing will play at this stage.

I can see a track about to play using the web and squeezebox interface.

This is probably a permissions thing looking at other forums just not sure how to change it form here.

Notice an increase in performance browsing db etc so once we have sound I'll be a happy camper.


2007-11-10, 22:46
Hey took it to 6.5.5 through apt-get instructions
on wiki and it is all Sweet Sweet Sweet

Oh and by the way more responsive horray
esp given p3 450 mhz it is running on.

Might need to post on Audiophile forum how it sounds better.