View Full Version : Jive UI: "go" vs. "play" (Random Mix and more)

2007-11-10, 07:41
Noodling around with r844 last night, I noticed that Random Song Mix can be started by pressing the center "go" button. "go" normally takes the user to the next level of menus in Jive.

On the Squeezebox UI (6.5.x and 7.x SVN), pressing "right arrow" on Random Song Mix triggers a display "bump". To start playing random songs with the SB remote, a user must press "play".

Pressing "play" on the JHB remote on Random Song Mix does nothing (not even something like "bump" to indicate that the keypress was recognized but has no function).

This suggests two things:

1) Obviously, Random Mix in Jive operates differently than Random Mix with the dumb IR remote.

2) Which way is better? How *should* the UI behave?

For point #2, I would suggest that
A) "play" always be a legitimate way of triggering playback when the relevant UI has a playable option highlighted/selected ("Random Song Mix", the name of a Favorite, Artist, Album, etc.).
B) "go" (Jive)/"right arrow"(IR remote) should *only* be a way to trigger playback if the selected menu item had text or icons indicating that it was a playback option. The simple Jive menu item "Random Song Mix" should have something like a playback triangle added to it, or to be rephrased something like "Play Random Songs" if it were to accept both "play" (per guideline A) and "go" as triggers.
C) Except where visually indicated as described in guideline B, "go" on Jive should either enter the next submenu level or do nothing.

Of course Logitech can't guarantee that 3rd party plugins would follow those guidelines, but I think the core code should set an example by doing so itself. Following those guidelines (especially A) would also make the Jive random mix UI more consistent with the current/6.5./x/IR interface.


PS. Keep up the good work, folks. Jive on the JHB just keeps getting better!