View Full Version : Problem running Slimserver on PC with VPN client software

2007-11-10, 01:49
Hi all,

Not posted for a while but I've run into a problem. My setup is Slimserver running on Windows XP SP2 a wired SB1 and a wired SB2. Everything was running fine until I installed CheckPoint Secure Remote N60 VPN Client. Now I find that even if I am not logged via VPN my Squeezeboxes cannot see Slimserver.

The only was I can find to get Slimserver to run is to exit the VPN client and remove the Secure Remote protocol from veing bound to my NIC. Does anybody know of a way of not having to manually intervene to use Slimserver


2007-11-10, 22:27
Yes, that's because Checkpoint's VPN client uses port 9000.

You need to edit the file slimserver.pref and change
httpport: 9000
into some other port number

Use netstat -ao to check the used ports

2007-11-11, 07:02
Thanks for the reply. I can now launch the web interface. I still find that my Squeezebox does not find the server if the SecureClient protocol is bound to the NIC.

I suppose I could get another NIC and bind SecureClient to that.


2007-11-12, 00:57
I'm running vpn secureremote client alongside slimserver with no issues other than the one described earlier.
As a test, try to start the vpn client manually after slimserver has started & found by the squeezebox.

2008-01-15, 10:19
Hi, I've the same problem: the PC running SC7 sometimes connects through Cisco VPN client; since then the SB3 cannot link to SC until the VPN client disconnects.

I've opened the slimserver.pref but there is no httpport statement. Have I to add it ?

BTW, in the network preferences I already use 9001 as port number of web server (I access SC on Is it a different param from httpport ?