View Full Version : Debain Sid Ogg Vorbis Problem

2007-11-08, 17:38
I was recently troubleshooting some WMA problems and I still cannot get my wma files to play in slimserver, I know they used to. But anyways I also noticed my ogg files were not playing, turns out there is a missing dependency for at least Debian Sid, since that is what I am running.


After installing that package ogg is working fine again. Any ideas for getting wma back running?

2007-11-16, 11:49
Although, for just WMA, libsox-fmt-base may be enough.

2007-11-16, 12:02
What player (e.g. SB3, SB1, softsqueeze) are you using ?
What version of SS ?

What are the setting of the WMA filetype under Server Settings/Filetypes ?