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2007-11-08, 17:05
i am thinking of getting a squeezebox and had a quick question. i get that you need the server to configure the squeezebox but does the server have to be running all the time in order for the box to work? i think i read somewhere that it does not have to be on but i just want to make sure before i invest in one.


2007-11-08, 17:12
depends what you wanna do really. The SB3 is capable to use squeezenetwork without a server. That means it plays radio streams of all sorts a kints really.
If you want to archive your music from cds to a server and listen to them with just some clicks on the remote you need a server running. You might be able to wake it on lan though.

2007-11-08, 17:39
The Squeezebox always needs a server of some description to stream music to it. Squeezenetwork is an internet hosted service by Slimdevices and is a server which, among other things, acts as a gateway for other public music streaming services, some free, some not. See Rhapsody.com as an example of this.
You will need your own server (your home PC will probably do if it has enough spare hard disk space and above minimum specifications) if you wish to listen to your own music. You will need to copy your Music to the hard disk from CD using a 'ripping' program, and install the server software which is currently called Slimserver and is a free download from SlimDevices (Logitech). There's plenty of good documentation on how to do this, and it's a good idea to install Slimserver first and familiarise yourself with it while waiting for your Squeezebox to arrive....You'll find plenty of help here as well if you run into difficulties or want to do something which isn't 'out of the box'.

2007-11-08, 18:10
Yep, well said Peejay.
Also you can use softsqueeze to familiarize with the interface of squeezebox once you have Slimserver installed.
I use a Thecus N5200 Nas for running SlimServer and it is fine. It has the nice advantage of keeping my data (not only music) safe by raid5. ;)
And despite from the fact that I have installed five hard drives it doesn't consume too much power. There are cheaper nas solutions running SlimServer out there however.