View Full Version : Strange problem

2007-11-08, 16:47
I am transitioning to SC7 but decided to put SS 6.5.4 up on another machine as a backup. Well for some reason it (6.5.4) will not let me select a file on the server which is running SC 7.0 When I configure the path just as I did before (\\server\music) where Music is a named share it keeps stating that it "... does not seem to be a valid directory." same issue for \\server\music\playlists. I had installed it the other day on the same machine with no issues, efrencing the server for its music. I can not figure out what has changed.

I can access the music share as \\server\music from any PC on the newtork.

I cleared everything out (Uninstall and erased the slimserver directory and re installed- same thing!

Update: Problem solved. It had the automatically run at system start checked as opposed to run when I log in checked. Changed that and it all cleared up. the machine is set to log me in automatically when it boots.

I am curious why, but not that curious (:-)