View Full Version : mms streams not working

2007-11-08, 14:42
os x 10.4
ss 7.0a

can anyone tell me why mms streaming isnt working?

[13:21:47.1138] Slim::Player::Squeezebox2::directHeaders (465) Direct stream failed for url: [mms://]
[13:21:47.1146] Slim::Player::Squeezebox2::failedDirectStream (589) Oh, well failed to do a direct stream for: mms:// []
[13:21:47.1155] Slim::Player::Source::errorOpening (1599) Error: While opening current track, so mark it as already played!
[13:21:47.1164] Slim::Player::Source::errorOpening (1599) Backtrace:

2007-11-08, 15:15
One common reason is if the mms site does not support http transport.