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2004-01-23, 14:15
As dean said, try pointing manually to the IP of your slimserver and see if
it works.

Also, make sure that you haven't enabled MAC filtering for wireless
security, that's bitten more than one person here.

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Thanks for the reply. I can see what you mean, but can't see anything in
the Netgear config which might resolve this. As everything is in One box, I
would have thought it would be simple.

The router is, the 2 wired PC's are, and the
Squeezebox is All on and assigned via DHCP.

Maybe something should go on the Static Routes page.

Another possibility is a Netgear firmware fix. One of the fixes is "Fixed
PPTP passthrough to allow server on LAN".

I'm reluctant to do this at the moment, as I've already had to return it
once, and its happened quite a lot. I'll have to wait for a newer version.

I'll have to stick with cable down the stairs for now, and wish I'd cabled
the house when it was being built.

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Make sure the squeezebox and the server are on the same LAN, i.e.
bridged together, not routed. If you have your router set up so that
the server is on the other side (the WAN side), then it won't be able
to discover it. Usually, if the server is on the built-in switch and
the squeezebox is wireless it "just works".

On Jan 22, 2004, at 1:56 PM, Jon Shaw wrote:

> Hi all,
> Recently taken the plunge for a Squeezebox - been keeping an eye on a
> slimp3
> for the last year, but wanted a wireless option. Thanks for a great
> product
> (at least throught ethernet cable), but no success with wireless.
> Recently bought a Netgear DG834G, all-in-one ADSL modem, 4-port Router,
> Firewall and Wireless Access Point, which I suspect is the problem. A
> couple
> of weeks ago I killed the modem updating the firmware, thinking that
> might
> help, so after a 2 week delay I've been sent a new one, and still can't
> connect.
> The main error message is:- Couldn't find Slim Server Automatically.
> I can connect to my wireless network, obtain an IP address, the SB is
> in the
> same room as the router = 100% signal, but on the page looking for the
> server, can never find any. I've opened up the following ports on the
> firewall:-
> Outbound/Inbound TCP/UDP 9000
> Outbound/Inbound TCP/UDP 3483
> Outbound/Inbound TCP/UDP 1069
> Outbound/Inbound TCP/UDP 47655 (only did this one as I saw it on the
> information page of the SB).
> Even temporarily opened all ports Inbound ports and tried UDP only,
> but no
> success.
> Are there any other Ports required.
> I have Mandrake Linux 9.2 running 5.01.
> I also installed last nights build on a WIN2k pc.
> Works perfect through Ethernet (and a long cable downstairs for the
> last 2
> weeks).
> Any ideas/help would be greatly appreciated,
> Cheers,
> Jon