View Full Version : Mediacom Modem Stepping on My Slimserver Network Browser Page

2007-11-07, 19:38
Upgraded my Mediacom cable to include "faster" Internet, and telephone service. As they replaced my old modem and a initial set-up was done by a their techie on my computer that is my Slimserver server. I wasn't watching but I guess they must access the modem via the browser.

Later I go up stairs to manage my Slimserver from another computer and I find that the standard Slimserver WWW page now has a message imbedded in it from Mediacom demanding:

"You need to identify yourself so that we can associate your cable modem/MTA with your account. Please enter your account information. If this information has not been given to you, please contact customer support.
The National number for support: 1-866-321-1667."

I confirmed with their customer support everything was done and I tried to do this on the hijacked Slimserver page, but it keeps on coming up.

What should I do? I reset the the modem. I rebooted my computers.

2007-11-07, 20:28
Did you used to use a router between your modem and the PC?

Did the tech remove it?

Put it back in, though you will probably have to set it to use the same MAC address on the cable address as the PC the tech used to set things up or go through their authorization process.