View Full Version : Empty playlists with iTunes

2007-11-06, 18:55
Got a weird problem:

i'm using SS 6.5.1 with iTunes I have SS rescan my music every night. Most of the time everything is cool, but sometimes (like today) it lists all of my iTunes playlists but it says they are empty.

Here's the really weird part: this morning the playlists had songs in them (i played some), and this evening it says the playlists are empty. And i never used SS in the interim.

So, I told SS to rescan my libray with "only rescan playlists," and it still said they were empty. Tried that twice.

Then I told SS to rescan and "look for new and changed music," and it repopulated all the playlists.

what's going on? why does SS sometimes indicate the playlists are empty?