View Full Version : Error: Can't connect to retrieve playlist and Buffering Problems

2007-11-06, 17:14
I'm running SlimServer 6.5.4 to SB3 (firmware version 81). I'm connected wirelessly from a vista machine via Linksys WRT54GL, using DHCP.

I've had this setup for several months and in general, I love this thing. However, occasionally and seemingly more frequently I get an error message Can't connect to retrieve playlist. I get this message via the Favorites menu, or the Playlilst menu. All my favorites are Internet Radio streams.

Also, I notice on occasion, I get quite a bit of buffering interruptions on Internet Radio streams. Is this a bandwidth problem at the source?

On the other hand, I've never had dropped streams when playing Albums located on my local drive.

I've seen a number of messages posted regarding buffering, but have yet to read a good solution. Perhaps I just missed it. Any input from the Slim Devices folks? Any pending firmware updates?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.