View Full Version : Can't stream to Winamp

2007-11-06, 10:31
I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 on my music server, & I can't stream to Winamp on a Windows XP machine on the same network. I start Winamp & then go to the SS web interface, where I can see my player. I then select an album & click "play". My playlist shows up in the right-hand pane, just as it should, but it's shown as stopped on the last track. Clicking on the play icon in the SS web interface has no effect.

My SB3 works just fine. No problems there. My SS version is 6.5.5 - 14351.

I just did a clean install of 7.10. Previously, I ran 7.04 on my music server, & could stream to players on my XP machine without any difficulty.

I'm posting here rather than in the Linux forum because I don't think I have a Linux problem. SS seems to be running OK &, as I noted above, my SB3 is working flawlessly. My apologies if I've posted in the wrong forum.

I'm sure that I've overlooked something obvious. TIA to anyone who can point that out to me.

2007-11-06, 14:45
What kind of file format are you trying to stream? Do you have lame installed? If you are not streaming mp3, then I'm guessing that lame must be installed in order for the server to transcode to mp3.


2007-11-08, 12:36
Good suggestion! It turns out that I had forgotten to install lame after installing 7.10. Thanks for the help.