View Full Version : Isn't open source supposed to improve functionality?

2007-11-05, 02:03
I'm getting a little sick and tired of finding makeshift workarounds for one version of slimserver only to have it modified and loose one the few, barely usable, capabilities I'd finally gotten used to. I (and others) have been asking for a practical way of building or modifying custom playlists on the fly for years now (Creating a playlist on the fly means as you discover a candidate for a playlist while casually listening one might want to add this to an existing playlist or create a new one). There used to be a half assed workaround where one could create a new playlist by Zapping songs and then renaming the Zapped list later. Now this doesn't even work and one has to record the songs by hand, dig them up again and then add them to a now playing playlist before saving and naming the playlist. Instead of getting more functionality in this respect we seem to be getting less. What's up with that? It's like the software is getting more useless rather than more useful.That's BS.

2007-11-05, 02:07
Have you tried this plugin? Seems like it might be what you need - and be an endorsement of the open source approach!



2007-11-05, 02:14
To answer the question in the subject, not your complaint: it's only improving as long as volunteers are willing to contribute. You can't expect more or better features just because it's OS.

As we love to say: patches are always welcome :-).


2007-11-05, 02:15
Thanx Ceejay,
It looks like something closer to what I'm after and I'll give it try. I would just like to know why simple functionality is reduced with newer versions of Slimserver. The trick of zapping and then renaming was a reasonable workaround that didn't require too much fuss or muss so why eliminate that ability? In fact what good is the Zapped list? It doesn't permanently remove songs from the source (as was the original purpose) and it can't be saved.