View Full Version : OT: Finding & eliminating duplicate files

2007-11-04, 17:28
I've been going through a process of creating some order on my PCs and external storage. As part of the process I wanted to identify and eliminate duplicate files - I'd noticed I have multiple copies of the same family snaps, probably the result of copying photos from my folks and in-laws which inevitably means that I'm also taking copies of photos I originally gave them.

To cut a long story short, after considerable googling and trialling I settled on zsDuplicateHunter Professional Edition and was able to kill 700MB of duplicate files within a matter of 10 minutes. If you're looking for a duplicate file manager, it is most definitely the best I have come across. A real killer feature for me is the ability to point it at a folder and tell it to find all duplicates anywhere within the folder structure. It doesn't force a source/ target type comparison, can use binary or message digest type comparisons (fully configurable), is fast, and supports Linux, Mac & Win platforms.

I don't normally do this but it is so effective at solving an issue I'm guessing many of us have that I thought I'd pass on the tip.