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2007-11-04, 16:33
Getting close to tis the season again. Does anyone have any suggestions for organizing seasonal music? Is there some way to have all of your christmas music available, but ensure that it isn't picked in July? I tried searching the topics for christmas but too many people are asking for christmas presents here to find this, unfortunately, so please forgive me if this has already been discussed to death.

How do people keep this broken out, if they do? I suppose I could setup an entirely independent SC Server but that seems a bit like overkill.

I'm using SC 7 and MusicIP as well so if there are any features there that make it easier that you could tell me that would be great!


2007-11-04, 16:49
How do people keep this broken out ...

I have all my seasonal music divided into subgroups and tagged accordingly.
For example my Christmas music is tagged "Holiday/Christmas".
I simply select Genre\"subgroup" in "My Music" heading in SC, then Playlist/ Album/Artist etc.

Another way would be to create a directory for "Seasonal" then divide into sub-dir's (Seasonal\Christmas,Seasonal\Holloween etc).

2007-11-04, 16:53
And to keep it from playing in July, I use Erland's Dynamic Playlist and SQL Playlist plugins to create normal playlists that exclude the "Holiday" genre, and seasonal playlists that include only the "Holiday" genre, with different playlists "serious" Christmas music (e.g., Hallelujah Chorus) and "fun" Christmas music (Bing, Satchmo, etc.).

2007-11-05, 01:53
Alternatively, break out your Christmas music into a separate directory. Then, when its "in season", add a shortcut to that directory in your main slimserver directory and rescan. At the end of the season simply delete the shortcut. This is of course extensible to any number of seasonal categories.

Adding a Christmas genre is also a good idea: even when its in season you might get fed up with it!