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2007-11-04, 15:58
Need some advice / expertise

I can not shut down house music (especially the master bedroom, inless I want to live alone) as I install and play with SC 7.0 and Jive. I do have the luxury of two 24x7 servers at my disposal. I would like to keep one running SS 6.5.4 and the other with SC 7.0.

The problem I see is the desire for the servers to find and properly upgrade/assimilate (very Borg like) players. I am assuming that is the case from what I observe. I would like to be able to tell the server not to look for players unless I somehow directly assign a player to a server, better still the ability to give it an IP range to look at. Initially I would like to assign no player to SC 7.0 and just use a soft player like softsqueeze for T&E plus learning.

As I get more Jive literate ("Jivier"?) I would then like to assign a player to a specific server as I have two players. Can this be done by just setting the players Server IP address? or does, as I suspect is the case, the server hunt for the players by looking at MAC addresses of devices on the network?

Mark Lanctot
2007-11-04, 16:04
Maybe I'm misinterpreting your message, but all you have to do is press and hold left for 5 seconds on a player you want to connect to 7.0, go through network setup again (I just use FWD to skip through) until you get to Music Source, then enter the IP address of your 7.0 server.

When you want to resume operation on 6.5.4 again, just go through the same procedure, specifying the 6.5.4 server's IP address.

2007-11-04, 17:56
I was hoping that is all it was. I thought maybe they did a upnp type search and the took over the player.

I will put up SC 7.0 tomorrow on my other server and leave it there for testing.

Thanks again Mark

2007-11-06, 00:38
Now running on SC 7.0. Is there a valid document for the SC 7 CLI as there are definately differences. (e.g prefset)

2007-11-06, 00:48
see help->technical information->command line interface, in your SC
web interface.
it's all there, and Fred keeps it updated very well.
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> Now running on SC 7.0. Is there a valid document for the SC 7 CLI as
> there are definately differences. (e.g prefset)
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