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2007-11-04, 11:29
While, I like the idea of 'new music' and this is not only limited to Jive, I find the big problem with it is that it appears to use the file modified date to determine what is and isn't new. The trouble with this is that if I do some bulk tag update then the list is useless. Wouldn't it be much better if it used the file created date, then it wouldn't be corrupted by tag changes?

Another thought is that would it be possible to do this using 'Custom Browse'?


2007-11-04, 12:02
You can set up your tagging software not to update the file modified date/time - MP3Tag does this.


2007-11-04, 14:39
So does Tag&Rename

2007-11-04, 15:23
I use Foobar for replay gain tagging and JRiver Media Centre for ripping and all other tagging and neither appears to offer the option not to change modified date. However your replies inspired me to write a little program that scans through my library and sets all my modified dates to their created dates.

I'm just running a rescan now and all should be as I wanted.


2007-11-05, 14:07
Another thought is that would it be possible to do this using 'Custom Browse'?

Yes, if you have both Custom Browse and TrackStat installed.

2007-11-05, 16:41
I have no idea if it is doable, but what if the MySQL database had an entry for the date that the piece of music first appeared in the database? The new music display could then list music based on that date, and you could set the threshold for 1 week, 1 month, etc. instead of setting the number of songs/CDs. If you haven't added any music in the last month (or whatever threshold you set), the list will be empty.


2007-11-05, 16:54
That's doable (and as Erland points out, done) with TrackStat and CustomBrowse.. the catch is that with the normal database that isn't doable since the data is lost on a wipe scan.

(And even with trackstat, if you don't have MusicBrainz tags, it will be lost if you "reorganize" your directory
structure... a different path to a file means a different piece of music.)

Most taggers do have a setting for 'preserve file stamps' for a reason.

(Personally I don't mind the sorting-retagged-as-new that the stock 'New Music' does... if I'm retagging something that usually means I'm paying attention to that album and therefore I may even be in the mood to play it.)

2007-11-05, 20:24
I would think reorganizing the library is a relatively rare occurance. Even if that happened, the music would end up on the "new music" list as it does now, but for the normal operation of simply adding a new disc to the collection it would work properly. I don't know how other people organize their libraries, but I have flac set up to populate tags based on the directory structure so I don't change the directory structure without a very powerful reason.

Maybe songs/cds/directories could be tagged with a temporary tag that expires after some set period of time.


2007-11-26, 13:38
I've created a little pregram that'll zap through your music files and reset 'Modified Date' back to 'Created Date'.

If anybody wants a copy then PM me your email address.