View Full Version : Lyrics plugin

2007-11-04, 10:33
Attached is an attempt to port the old Lyrics plugin to a Lua applet. This is my first Lua program, and it is a little rough.

Unzip it to the applets directory on the remote. Display lyrics for the current song by navigating to 'Extras->Lyics' and selecting the best matching artist/title. You can then scroll up and down the lyrics with the scroll wheel.

The TODO list includes:
- Landscape display
- Lyrics from ID3 tags
- Better formatting
- Automatic Lyrics scroll
- Highlight current Lyrics line when scolling
- I couldn't figure out jive.slim.RequestCli so I ended up rolling my own.

The bug list includes:
- Corrupt scroll bar (I think this is a GUI bug - it also manifests itself on the Test applet)
- Bad artist/title should pop up a message
- Rapid clicking results in several duplicate nested displays of the lyrics page.

Have fun and let me know of any other bugs + suggestions etc.