View Full Version : Please help a beginner with slimserver questions!

2007-11-04, 10:01
Hi --

I have a pc at home connected by wire to a stereo. I run itunes to manage my music. I also have a nokia N800 tablet pc.

If I download and install slimserver on my PC, can I use the N800 as a remote control (I know there is a "skin" for this) so that I am able to control what my PC plays through the stereo?

I think this will work, but wanted to be sure before messing around with it.

Thanks for any help.


2007-11-04, 10:21
This will work, but you need to be clear that Slimserver is a server and not a player: you will need something to play the music. In the setup you've described this could be Softsqueeze.

So to try this out to see if this works, you can download Slimserver - that comes with Softsqueeze though its a second step to install it - then you can use Softsqueeze to play the music, and your tablet to control it.

Whether this adds value only you can judge: IMHO the main benefit (sound quality and other conveniences) only comes when you use the hardware players.