2007-11-04, 04:42
I can't stop people messing with the darn volume control. There is a setting on both the player interface and the Web interface that says Disable Volume Adjustment or Digital Output Level is fixed but it does not work. Anyone know why I have this bug?

Patrick Dixon
2007-11-04, 04:52
Disable volume adjustment only applies to Automatic Volume adjustment which works from the replay gain tags on a track by track, or album by album basis. Fixing the digital output level will only affect anything if you are connecting to an external DAC using the electrical or optical digital output. So I doubt you have a bug.

I don't think there's any way to set and lock the analogue volume control, so the best approach is to remove remote privileges from any of your friends/family who abuse them ;-)

Kevin O. Lepard
2007-11-04, 08:07
>so the best approach is to remove remote privileges from any
>of your friends/family who abuse them ;-)

That would work.

Or if the problem is limited to people messing with the volume using
the remote, you can edit IR/Default.map so that the volume keys don't
work. I set mine so they both increase the volume as I keep my
Squeezebox volume at max all the time and use the volume on my device.

You can also create an IR/Custom.map and then go into player
settings, remote, and choose Custom in the Remote Button Functions.

Credit to kdf for showing me how to do this back in '04.

Kevin O. Lepard, MD, PhD, FACEP, FAAEM

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2007-11-06, 08:44
Thanks for those replies - I will go the IR route.