View Full Version : Listen to SlimServer on PC

Rod Savard
2004-01-22, 20:18
> I don't know if this is covered in the "Listening to music locally at PC?"
> thread. It is extremely difficult to read threads with this system of
> communication. Is there not some way this could be in a newsgroup or a
> forum or an eGroup or something more manageable?

Does your email client not support a threaded view when displaying messages?

> I have about 8,000 songs stored on my SlimServer PC and I would like to be
> able to listen to those same songs on my laptop without necessarily
> in to a nearby stereo. Is there some way?

You can either play the MP3's directly over the network using standard file
sharing techniques, or you can stream MP3 data from the slim server. From
Winamp open the URL:


After you connect using Winamp you can go to the Slim web interface to
choose which songs to play.