View Full Version : Server clears playlists, reduces volume

2007-11-03, 13:43
For a few server releases I've found two features of the Slim Server which don't suit me, and I wonder how to turn them off. This did not originally happen, leading me to conclude it is a programming choice in the server, not an unavoidable device property.

1. Even though I pause, when I come back the next day there is nothing 'playing now'; it has just been forgotten. The server has not been rebooted. This seems to happen every night at some unknown time.

2. Often, but not always, when I press Play, the volume is much lower than before. This isn't a permanent reduction; when I so much as touch the volume control it returns immediately to its previous setting.

Thanks in advance for any help!

2007-11-03, 20:16
#1: Do you have slimserver set to automatically rescan at a certain time every day? If so, I'm pretty sure that will wipe out your playlist.

#2: I've got no idea. More diagnostics (when it happens, when it doesn't, etc.) would help.