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Steve Pawsey-Bowerman
2004-01-22, 17:34
Just an observation guys, by why would you want to stream to your PC, why
not use a network share (Windows network or Samba etc) and a regular MP3
client that plays music from files.

Streaming is great when you've got a limited connection to the server, but
if you've got a regular PC and another spare PC built as a slimserver server
why not just mount a network drive. Saves all the issues about having 2 apps
playing/controling the music. Plus if you use a regular MP3 client like
Winamp or Musicmatch, you get a much better response from the server (ie
switching between tracks etc), plus the MP3 names are displayed (since you
don't get if you stream).

Just a thought?


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Well duh. I have often wondered what the point of having that browser
was and now I know! It works great. I used the skin for slimserver that
is designed for a handheld and that can be sized to fit with the
standard winamp profile just perfectly. Many thanks

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richard wrote:

> I love the ability to do remote streaming on my PC and access my
> slimserver.
> I was wondering if anyone had built a combined client for this (right
> now I have to kickoff Winamp to listen to the stream, and then use IE
> manage what I want to listen to) ?

doesn't winamp have a browser window built in? figure out how to load
your slimserver URL into that.