View Full Version : DS106 and mplayer

2007-11-03, 08:46
I searched this forum for a answer to my question but couldn't find.
Has some one managed it to make the DS106e(with SSoDS 6.3.1) to play AAC(m4a) files with mplayer and there goes the next question, where do i find the mplayer for SSoDs 6.3.1 and how do i install it?

can someone help?

2007-11-04, 09:13
There is no SSODS version 6.3.1. You probably mean Slimserver 6.3.1. SSODS >= 2.5 (or so), however, comes with mplayer. For certain reasons, it is not called mplayer but mplayer-stdout. Hence, you need to adjust the conversion rules accordingly (in custom-convert.conf for 6.5.x and in some other file which name I don't remember for 6.3.x). How to enable mplayer(-stdout) for AlienBBC is documented in the README. The procedure for other file formats (m4a in your case) should work in a similar way. I think people have already done this.

See here: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?AppleLosslessUnix

Something like the following rule should work:

mov wav * *
[mplayer-stdout] -novideo -ao pcm:file=- $FILE$ 2>/dev/null