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2007-11-03, 08:32
Does anybody here have any issues running Slimserver(with multiple 3rd party plugins) in Mac OS X Leopard?

2007-11-03, 13:03
> Does anybody here have any issues running Slimserver(with multiple 3rd
> party plugins) in Mac OS X Leopard?

There are issues with the official 6.5.4 release, but 6.5.5 nightly or SC7 should be fine.


2007-11-05, 11:31
Slim Server v7.0a
Intel Core Duo 2.16 iMac
Running 10.5 with all updates

Whenever I use SB3 remote to navigate, I lose connection to my network.

I've tried restarting SB but results in an error message.

(edit: this is a clean v7 install with no 3rd party plug ins)

2007-11-05, 11:39
I started the SB playing from my iMac, then updated the firmware on the SB using the remote. Everything seems to be working fine now.

2007-11-05, 11:52
I have 6.5.4 running on Leopard on a MacBook Pro. Other than changing the setting to "start when I log in" from "on boot", it has been smooth sailing. I also have Inguz & mplayer working. If you turn the Leopard firewall on, you will need it set to "set access for specific services and applications" and allow mysqld and perl to have access when they ask.


2007-12-10, 09:25
Okay... More oddities.

Using SC7 with leopard is causing some strange things to happen. Tracks start at seemingly random places (ie middle of the song).

I did a clean install of 6.5.x and that cleared everything up.

Today (after finding iPeng the really nifty iphone skin) I reinstalled the latest version of SC7. Same thing happens, tracks start at random places, also happens when advancing to the next track in the playlist.

(Also the web interface is not playing well with Safari, looks rather jumbled)

Anyone else run into this?

Looking foward to the final release of SC7! Hope this helps.

2007-12-10, 09:36
> (Also the web interface is not playing well with Safari, looks rather
> jumbled)

Can you provide some more information on this? A screenshot might help, too. Just make sure you've cleared Safari's cache and fully reloaded the page.

2007-12-10, 10:06
Well, when I went back into safari to take a screen shot, everything looked great! Dig the new interface!

If this should happen again I will take a screenshot. Originally all of the icons on the (left side column) were on top of each other.

Still though, the way the songs are starting is what is preventing me from listening to my squeezebox (under sc7). I've tried different albums, artists, playlists, file types, etc. All result in songs starting at places other than the beginning. This happens when controlling squeezebox from sb remote, mac (running server), and iphone (ipeng).

The interface still thinks the song is starting at 0:00 (the scrubber does not appear to be in sync with the music).

One more question... from the web interface how do I get back to squeezecenter after switching to squeezenetwork?

2007-12-10, 10:22
Yes, issues do exist. Another gentlman (WhaleOil) and I use 7.0 and Leopard have two or three threads talking about plugin issues, but the issues have not been corrected. While the attempt of these threads was to hopefully get a fix, it appears these threads have fallen by the wayside. However, I take blame because I have not done an official bug submission, as I don't know how to submit, and have been to lazy to learn how.

The issue is that some plugins show up in the "Extras" tab, but not the "Settings" tab, rendering some plugins useless.

The plugins that we are aware of include AlienBBC, iTunesUpdate, LazySearch, Super Date and Time and Playlist Manager.
WhaleOil has a temporary workaround for the problamatic plugins and instructions can be found here (#8)...http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=40415


2007-12-10, 14:56
There is a small issue with v3.5 of Softsqueeze. It won't work with 5.x of Java, which is the default on Leopard. (6.x isn't on Leopard!)

It's easy to fix: run the Java Preferences app in utilities/java and choose 1.4.2 as your engine, and it works fine.

3.5 adds sync support, and it works terrifically. It's on Sourceforge.

2007-12-11, 01:17
SS 7.0a (build 12-01-07) has worked pretty good for me in Leopard 10.5.1. The quirks so far have been (in order of severeness):
1) Albums display in identical multiples on my Transporter screen, not in the browser.
2) The player reacts very slowly to user interaction, for ex choosing another album/tune, when it's been left alone playing for some time. I haven't clocked it but it seems like at least a 20-45 sec delay.
3) Occasional (tho rather rare) arrests in playing which require user interaction to get the unit to start playing again.
4) The player shuts off at rare instances.
5) The player jumps to next tune before ending the current.

Before I couldn't get early (nov) builds of SS 7 to install (only pref pane) and 6.5.4 didn't work at all in Leopard. I was adviced by support to try 7.0 and now reporting on the multiple album issue I have been adviced to "downgrade" to 6_5_x_v2007-12-10.

2007-12-30, 11:48
Is the issue of songs not starting at the right place ever going to be fixed? Slimserver has been rendered useless on my Mac now for over a month. I tried today's 7.0 nightly and it still has the issue. This is getting highly frustrating.

Also... if I try and use 6.5.5 or the current release, my library does not show up on it (I use iTunes). Something seems very messed up. Every time I try to install a different version, I always go in and delete all of the files associated with the previous install, so I'm not sure what to do.

2008-01-08, 21:38
I still have the problem too.

2008-01-09, 00:13
> I still have the problem too.

Please file bugs with detailed information, make sure you're using the
latest software versions.