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2004-01-22, 17:20
Well duh. I have often wondered what the point of having that browser
was and now I know! It works great. I used the skin for slimserver that
is designed for a handheld and that can be sized to fit with the
standard winamp profile just perfectly. Many thanks

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richard wrote:

> I love the ability to do remote streaming on my PC and access my
> slimserver.
> I was wondering if anyone had built a combined client for this (right
> now I have to kickoff Winamp to listen to the stream, and then use IE
> manage what I want to listen to) ?

doesn't winamp have a browser window built in? figure out how to load
your slimserver URL into that.


Steve Baumgarten
2004-01-22, 18:39
> Streaming is great when you've got a limited connection to the server,
> but [...] why not just mount a network drive. [...]
> Plus if you use a regular MP3 client like Winamp or Musicmatch, you get a
> much better response from the server (ie switching between tracks etc),
> plus the MP3 names are displayed (since you don't get if you stream).

Good question. One reasion might be that you don't want to have to enable
file sharing if you don't absolutely have to (security reasons and all).
Another reason is that you get to listen to playlists you've set up for
your Squeezebox even if you're not listening to your Squeezebox.

But I've also found that I just plain like the SlimServer UI for browsing
my music collection. Maybe this is because I've never really used one of
those jukebox programs before and always just maintained a "1 folder = 1
album" kind of thing.

As to the track names -- you definitely do get them when listening to a

But you're right about the responsiveness. Actually, it's funny. Both
Winamp and Quintessential (from www.quinnware.com, an excellent free
player) buffer a little, so when you click "Stop" or something on the
SlimServer interface there is a short delay before the buffer empties and
the music actually stops (of course you could always just click "Stop" on
the player itself). But just try pointing RealOne at a SlimServer -- the
thing sucks down megabytes at a time and gets multiple tracks ahead of
what it's actually playing! I guess this is a good thing in general, for
listening over the Internet to a bursty stream, but it's worthless for
listening on a LAN.

By the way, thanks to the person who reminded me about Winamp's built-in
browser; I'd been using a separate IE window up until now, but I think
it'd be more convenient (and cooler) to use the built-in window generally
to control the SlimServer.