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2007-11-03, 05:05
I am connecting to the SlimServer wirelessly. I seem to connect with no problem and the signal strength is around 65%. The trouble is I keep losing connection. One moment it is connected and everything is working fine the next it freezes then says that it has no connection and I have to scroll left and right to reconnect.

Can anyone give me guidance please.

This is a new unit installede with the latest server download and running on XP SP2.


2007-11-03, 06:53

2007-11-19, 07:50
Well I set my SB3 with a static IP address outside of the DHCP range. I still get the same problem. If I use the radio on the SB3 no problem, iy never skips or drops out. As soon as I stream music from the slimserver it starts dropping out. When it drops the connection the music track that I am playing carries on with no problems! To browse again I have to click left and right on the reote to reconnect.

I is really frutrating as I have tried everything, it just seems to be when connecting to the slimserver that the problem arises.

Just as a further example I can be browsing through the albums and then it just freezes, then all of a sudden it starts again, or it comes up with connecting to slimserver on the display. My signal strength shows as 65% on the SB3. Any more ideas, or have I got a faulty unit?