View Full Version : iTUnes-Plus and Leopard

2007-11-02, 15:31
After upgrading to Leopard, I can't play iTUNES-Plus music UNLESS i remain logged on to my MAC. iTunes-Plus music stops at the end of the current song if I log out. Apple-lossless music plays whether I am logged in or out. Below is a few lines from SLIMSERVER.log that appear when iTunes-PLUS play is attempted:

Wed Oct 31 08:39:16 Macintosh mov123[5472] <Error>: kCGErrorRangeCheck : On-demand launch of the Window Server is allowed for root user only.
Wed Oct 31 08:39:16 Macintosh mov123[5472] <Error>: kCGErrorRangeCheck : Set a breakpoint at CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are returned

Any ideas anyone (beside don't log out)?

2007-11-02, 15:55

I'm trying to figure out why you would need to log yourself out while still having your computer running. Do you share this computer with other users? And previously, were you able to keep the slimserver running after logging out?

2007-11-03, 18:18
Others share our MAC. Its just good security to Log out if you are not in front of the screen. And yes... Slimserver is immortal and survives past logout.