View Full Version : Could Minimo on an Ilaid control a SqueezeBox?

Nigel H
2007-11-02, 13:03
I'm thinking about buying an Ilaid. I know its not meant to make the quick changes necessary to be a real web browser. Wondered though if through Minimo, its wireless connection and its pen based screen, it could be used to control a SqueezeBox?



I know that guys here have created programs for tablets and PDAs to talk to a PC running SlimServer. Ilaid, to a layman, looks like cross between a tablet and a PDA.

It would be very cool to be able to read while listening to music and change CDs or playlists or songs by highlighting an item on a page in the "book" one is reading from.

I've had trouble with the reality of living in the 21st century and not having a jetpack. This would come close enough.

2007-11-02, 14:46
If you can run a browser on it (and it looks like Minimo lets you do that) then you can control a squeezebox. Whether it would be a good experience or not I'm less clear - certainly the black & white nature of it is a limiting factor.

Harry G
2007-11-03, 10:46
Thank you.

I'm not that concerned about the lack of color. I've been running Slimserver for years in its glorious shades of gray. The unit appears to enough grayscale to do this.

Harry G
2007-11-03, 11:39

Are there any deals on this thing? I can't find many places to buy it and no matter what country, its always about $700.

I've seen a much cheaper Sony that has the e-ink screen but can't run a browser. Anything else out there?