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2007-11-02, 12:28
I've not been able to use my Jive much lately (or my music), but I've just updated to the new firmware so thought I'd post a few things that I've noticed with the way things are at present.

1) The new text entry method looks pretty and the Insert and Delete buttons are definitely useful. However, it wasn't immediately obvious that that I pushed them using the + and Play buttons. I did get it pretty quick though, but that's probably because I'm used to Nokias. Isn't this an abuse of the Jive interface though - i.e. having the buttons mostly work as + and Play but occasionally as soft buttons doing whatever's on the screen above them?

2) The text entry magnifies the currently selected letter, which is fine. However, there's a (minor?) problem when the letter you select looks the same in upper case and lower case e.g. Ss and Ww. The first letter I selected was S, but the fact that it was displayed in a smaller size once I'd selected it made me think I'd somehow got the lower case s instead. I had to go back and try again before I worked out what was going on. Minor, but definitely a ui niggle.

3) Are sound effects really advanced controller settings? They look very out of place amongst the other "advanced" options and it makes them hard to find.

4) Surely there are far too many date formats to choose from. Does anyone use "Friday, November. 02, 2007"? etc (and my long standing moan about nearly all date formats - where's the 2nd, 3rd, 4th option e.g. 2nd November)

And of course, many, many good things - sorry to only list the bad.


2007-11-02, 15:58
Two items I've noted with r796 thus far:

1) sounds effects become disabled sometimes after sleeping, and do not get re-enabled until a visit to the sound effects prefs.

2) While entering my WPA key, a half-dozen times rotation of the wheel was mistaken for a center button press (which I'm certain I did not click), advancing the dialog to attempt (the premature) connection to the AP. I had to wait for the timeout each time, to go back to continue entering my very long passphrase. I sure am happy the unit remembers where I left off!


2007-11-03, 07:33
I noticed the now playing screensaver doesn't seem to update any more?


2007-11-03, 15:01
The progress bar also does the "time warp". Flies along at about twice the actual speed then jumps back the correct place in the song before going wacky again.

The pause button is really unresponsive and the Play icon will often stay at the bottom of the screen even though the player is paused.