View Full Version : Custom Browse and intermediate menu levels on Jive

2007-10-31, 23:38
There is now a first beta version of Custom Browse available which supports Jive. See the beta announcement thread in the 3'rd party plugins forum for more details:

I'm just posting here since it is possible to create a intermediate browse menu with Custom Browse which displays the first letter of the artist. This might help the situation when navigating in large libraries. So if anyone who is familiar with Custom Browse like to feel how a menu like this would feel on the Jive remote, this is now possible.

You just need to create a new menu in the Custom Browse settings page (Settings/Advanced/Custom Browse/Manage Menus) of the menu type: "Filtered Artists by letter".

It should be noted, that I would personally still prefer a solution where intermediate levels are unnecessary in long lists. So don't see this as the final solution on the long list scrolling issue, just see it as a way to feel how an intermediate level would work.

All Custom Browse menus will currently be shown on the Jive remote either under "Extras/Custom Browse" or "My Music/Custom Browse". To get the new menu to appear on the Jive remote you will need to either reboot the Jive remote or turn off+on the player from the Jive remote.

If you haven't used Custom Browse before or isn't very familiar with SqueezeCenter and plugins, I don't recommend you to use Custom Browse on SqueezeCenter 7.0 yet. In this case it's better that you wait for an official non beta release.