View Full Version : Won't scan music

2007-10-31, 14:34
I'm pretty sure that this is probably something I've done, but that doesn't make it any easier for me to sort out so.... help!

I have squeezecentre running as a service and it sits nicely in the task bar. I haven't used it for a while as I've been busy evaluating some project management software. Today, I tried to create a mix on my PC using softsqueeze as I've donew hundreds of times before (I have MusicIP installed) and... nothing.

Tried lots of things and eventually thought it would be a good idea to clear everything out and do a clean install. Did it 1st with v.7, that didn't work (same problem) so did another clean install with 6.5.4.

Problem is that it just wont scan my music folder. I've checked the path to my music folder is correct, I have tried setting a manual re-scan but nothing happens, no errors, nothing. So now I have a completely empty library when I should have 12,800 tracks!

Does anyone have any clues on how I can get this problem resolved please? I'm not a programmer so please, no heavy techie stuff!