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2007-10-30, 21:03
I got my first Squeezebox two years ago and added a second one
a month later. I'm really pleased with them; they have become
an important part of our home life. In the last two years,
I've created over 500 playlists--I'm in the habit of building a
new one each evening when I get home from work. However, I
find the process awfully tedious. Here are some of the
limitations that really bug me while I'm building playlists
through the browser-based UI:

* How do I insert a song at the beginning of the current
playlist in the web interface?

* How do I queue a song or album to appear immediately after
the currently-playing song in the playlist?

* How do I move a group of songs up or down in the playlist?
(Moving several tracks to the middle of a 60-track playlist
using the up arrows is a real pain).

* How do I delete a group of songs in the playlist?

I'm running Slimserver 6.5.4 on Fedora Core 4. (I know--I'll
upgrade my OS over the holidays). iTunes is not an option.
I use rhythmbox (version 0.8.8) under headphones to preview
tracks while I'm building playlists. Rhythmbox has really
good drag-and-drop capability, but I can't use it to assemble
new playlists for the slimserver because it stores them in a
different format.

I think that recent versions of rhythmbox (0.9.5 and later)
store playlists in M3U format. If I upgrade to that, how
would I get slimserver to import the playlist that I've just
constructed (without having to rescan all the playlists in
my library)?

Finally, it would be really useful to see the total playing
time and time remaining of the current playlist on the
browser-based user interface. What would be the best way to
add that feature? It looks like I would need to scan the
metadata for the tracks in the playlist to get the lengths
and modify the playlist page to display the times. I'm
fairly fluent in Perl, so I'm not intimidated by code, but
I don't want to do a dirty hack, so some guidance would be

Has anyone done a Java- or PerlTk-based UI for the Slimserver?

2007-10-31, 05:04
I don't have the answers to all your questions but have found the simplest way to generate manual playlists is to use an external program and then edit the resulting file to conform to the format required by slimserver. A few search/ replace type operations using a text editor usually takes care of the differences in format.

2007-10-31, 06:12
To answer almost all your questioins, except for the group questions. Wait for the new SqueezeCenter, the upcoming replacement for SlimServer.

It's default skin is Ajax based and gives your the possibility to move around track using normal drag-n'drop in the browser interface.

I have been using SC now for the last 1.5 months, and it works great with my 4 SqueezeBox's. The only thing which really gets updated now is the skin, since there are still many improvements to be made.

Your option is either to wait for it to go gold or try the beta.


p.s. so far I have had no issues with the beta and I have running Ubuntu 7.04 and ran it also under Ubuntu 7.10