View Full Version : How Long For SlimServer to Scan

2007-10-30, 21:01
I have about 750 gigs of flac files. How long should it take for Slimserver to scan all of these?

2007-10-30, 21:09
I've got 240 Gbytes (70% Ogg Vorbis, 30% FLAC) in 12743 tracks.
It takes me about 35 minutes to do a full rescan.

2007-10-31, 01:52
This depends on the hardware slimserver is run on, OS, the size of the library (number of tracks/albums and playlists!, not disk space) and the location of the files (local disk, external NAS wired/wireless).
Any scan times without hardware and setup information are just useless.
11000 tracks, 15 playlists on my AMD Sempron 2800, 1GB RAM, local IDE disk take 15 minutes to scan.


2007-11-03, 05:19
How do you know when the scan is complete?

2007-11-03, 05:59
Your house stops shaking when the disk activity ceases.